Aryè's Summer Experience at Camp Hess Kramer in Malibu

This summer I had an experience that for some people may be normal, but for me it was a real special thing.

When I arrived at the Los Angeles airport there were three guys waiting for my arrival - Ezra, Matthew and Noam. Ezra and Matthew were some of the counsellors in the leadership.

At the exit of the airport, with the car to pick us up, there was Rachel, Ezra's mum. I stayed with Rachel and her family for three days. 

These days I went to the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), to Hollywood, to the wax museum, to the Chinese Theatre and to the car museum (Petersen Automotive Museum).

The day before the camp began, I went with Ben, Rachel’s husband, to Beverly Hills to meet David, who was in Leadership and he told me what we would do in the camp. 

Before going to the camp, Ezra introduced me to all the people in the leadership.   

In the camp, every morning we raised the American and Israeli flag, I liked it so much, and a few days before the end of the camp, they invited me to raise the American flag. 

Every day, before dinner, we had the function and every meals we did the prayer before and after meals.

Every day we had two sports activities to do, which you had to choose, and after two weeks you had to choose two more.                                                 

I did flag football and cooking, and the other two weeks I did flag football and archery. 


On Friday night, the girls wore a white dress, and the boys wore a white shirt.

After dinner, all the campers and counsellors went to the dance room where we formed a large circle, and when the music began, we all started to jump and sing. Later we went outside where we danced Israeli dances. 

I became famous in the camp because I was the first Italian in the leadership and many people came to know me.

In Leadership, someone had a younger brother, and they introduced me with: "He is the Italian".

Rick came to take me from the camp and I stayed with him for three days.

The first day I went to the beach in Malibu where I met Sandy, Rick's wife.

On the second day I went to Universal Studios, and on the third day I went to Venice beach and went on foot to Santa Monica beach. They were very special days.

I will always remember this experience because this was my first time in the camp, and all the people welcomed me as a brother, as part of their family. Another thing I liked about the camp is that we were singing all the prayers.

I'm really happy to have had this experience.

I say thanks to Rick and Sandy for hosting me at their house.

Thanks to Rabbi Goor for all his precious time that he used to help me to design this fantastic summer, because without him this would not have been possible.

Thanks to David and Carol Ross, Carey Bernitz, Rabbi Whiman and David Zucker and thanks to Rachel Andres and her beautiful family.

Thank you for this wonderful experience and thank you all for making it possible.

Aryè C.